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Rattlesnake proofing classes offered by Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts

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Rattlesnake avoidance training class overview

Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts is unique due to our constant efforts to improve safety, realism and efficiency. Our class fees are very competitive and our staff possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities to get the job done in a timely and professional manner.

What to expect from our rattlesnake avoidance classes:

  • Safety, safety, safety!

Rattlesnake handlers, Kevin and Dave are committed to training your dog using a system that ensures safety for your dog and anyone in the training area while maintaning the utmost in realism.

Before we train your dog, the snake's jaws are muzzled in three strategic locations.

  • Realism
Our unique program and methods allow you to walk your dog directly up to a live rattlesnake in several very real situations. These are situations that you and your dog might encounter on a regular basis while outdoors.

Your dog will be conditioned to avoid rattlesnakes by sight, sound and scent in open areas, and very importantly, when hidden without making a sound.

We do not tether or leash snakes to the ground or use "fake," dead or simulated rattlesnakes. We do not use cages or other containers to house snakes during the training process. Our snakes are free to move and posture normally, as they would if encountered by a dog.

  • No waiting around for long periods of time during group classes.
Clients are scheduled ahead of time and given a designated appointment time. Due to our refined and efficient program, your training session should not last more than 15 minutes. If your dog requires more time learning to avoid rattlesnakes, rest assured that we will spend the necessary time to ensure that you are satisfied with our training program.

  • A time proven, successful routine refined to perfection.

Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts has refined the general snake avoidance class into a simple work of art.

Our classes go above and beyond many of the general "snake busting" classes.

We do all that is possible to ensure that your dog becomes snake-wise, using your dog’s sight, hearing, and superior scent detection using our Four Training Lessons.

1. Training dogs to avoid snakes by sight, sound and scent.

This is a general training lesson involving all senses.

2. Training dogs to recognize and avoid snakes by sound and scent.

We remove the visual aspect of the snake and focus on sound and scent.

3. Training dogs to recognize snakes by scent.

We make sure that your dog can detect a snake by scent, alone.

4. Training dogs to not associate humans with snakes.

We condition your dog to NOT associate a snake in the very near proximity of a human as "ok."

For more class information, please check out the following pages:

For honest, professional snake avoidance training for your dog and results that you can see, depend on the dog obedience and snake handling experts at Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts!

Please call us anytime to set up an appointment or to talk with one of our friendly trainers or snake handlers at 520-668-8691.

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