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Rattlesnake proofing classes offered by Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts

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Rattlesnake avoidance training for your dog is our business.

We are offering classes at my place (NW Tucson) through the fall season. Classes start at 6:30AM and end at 9:30 on most weekends. Please call for reservations.

Please call to reserve a spot, and we will give you directions to the training facility. We are at 520-743-1411.

Fees are $120 per dog, with a $20 per dog discount for each additional dog. So, the first dog is $120, and any additional dogs are $100 each. Refresher sessions for your dog that has been trained at our place is $50, or at no charge, if scheduled and discussed with us. Private lessons at your home are also available.

Training dogs to avoid being bitten by rattlesnakes has many names. Snake breaking, snake proofing, snake avoidance, snake aversion and snake busting all come to mind. While these terms all mean the same thing, dog training procedures, techniques and methods vary between those performing the snake avoidance programs.

Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts uses a unique approach to train your dog to avoid rattlesnakes, and even to avoid the potential danger of Colorado River toads. *Currently, we are not offering toad training.*

We focus on what we call "SSSS." Safety, sight, sound and smell. Of course, safety always comes first, especially when venomous reptiles are involved.

Snakes used in our avoidance classes are fitted with a muzzle, offering a safe environment for your dog and anyone in the training area.

As we know, dogs instinctively react to sight, sound and smell, and can also be conditioned or trained to react in a positive manner to such senses.


Backing away from snake
Another snake bite avoidance class graduate
Thanks Roger, the snake training paid off. About 8:30 one Saturday evening in September I let my two dogs, Bosco and Emily outside to take care of business before they received their night-time treat and went to kennels for the night.

The pair had just gone out the door when they quickly turned and ran back inside. I picked up the flashlight and went out to see a rattlesnake had made its way inside our brick wall and was lying coiled next to one of the bistro chairs. Wow, the dogs had heard the rattle of the snake, smelled it, or both and knew exactly what to do.

After I checked out what the dogs had spotted first, I called the Green Valley Fire Dept. who came to our house and retrieved the snake and took it away. Knowing it was safe and the snake was gone I tried to get Bosco and Emily to go back out but they would have no part of it. At least not that night. Again, both Mary and I would like to thank you for the fine training you provide. It really paid off for our two dogs. Mike Hostad

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Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts serves Tucson, Oro Valley, Green Valley, Marana and Avra Valley, as time allows.

For honest, realistic, professional snake avoidance training for your dog, complete with results that you can see, depend on the dog obedience and snake handling experts at Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts!

Please call us anytime to set up an appointment or to talk with one of our friendly trainers or snake handlers at 520-743-1411

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